Germany after WWII

  • On Mai 7 (General Major Jodl/the Western Allies) and 8 (General Field Marshall Keitel/the Soviets), 1945, the German army accepts unconditional surrender. Until today, a peace treaty between Germany and her enemies in the Second World War has not been signed. Thus, the legal status of the Federal Republic of Germany is dubious. Especially because of privileges which the three western main enemies of Germany still enjoy and because occupation forces actually still remain on German soil, some people hold the opinion that Germany still is an occupied/non autonomous country. The legal details are not known to the wast majority of Germans; they are not taught in school and never discussed publicly.
  • After surrender of the army, the German government under Karl von Dönitz was imprisoned (violating international law) and the country was occupied in the following way: Eastern Germany was assigned to Polish, Lithuanian, Czech and Soviet administration. Central Germany (Thuringia, Saxony, parts of Silesia, Western Brandenburg, Western Pomerania and Mecklenburg)  was occupied by the Soviet Union. The USA, England and France divided Western Germany in three zones of occupation. Austria was separated from Germany. Berlin was divided into four zones (Soviet, US, English, French).

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